Most Stylish

Maya was given the award of Most Stylish at the end of her second grade year. 
How true that is!


Activity Book for Meg

My niece was working up in Idaho this summer, so I busted out my creativity bug to send her a fun activity book. When my dad had a stroke in Vienna when I was 13, one of his students made us (the three younger kids) an activity book with mazes and choose-your-own-adventure stories and what not. I've always wanted to do something like that for someone else. I was pretty happy with the rebus puzzles, tangrams, riddles, and crosswords I was able to find. I hope she enjoyed it solving the puzzles as much as I did making it.


Honey Suckle

I showed the kids how I used to sip the honey taste out of honey suckle. They thought that was fun.


Car Repairs

Playing and having fun in style while the car gets new oil and such.


Doughnut Thief

Even though he laughed and thought Mars was clever, my sweet husband got me a fluffy glazed doughnut with chocolate frosting on top. :) I'm pretty spoiled.


Dress Ups

Maya helped the babies get dressed up in some costume finery today. So posh!


Flower Patch

For Mother's Day, John and Maya planted flowers in our front patch. I love it!
It won’t be just weeds this year!



Sometimes these kids are so dang cute, that I just have to take pictures for no reason at all.