PB Kitchen

I randomly decided to get on KSL today and look for a Pottery Barn kids’ kitchen. Amazingly, there was one in great condition, within a 30-minute drive, and it was an amazing deal for three pieces! I texted with little expectation of it still being available, but surprisingly it was. I know I already got some kids’ kitchen furniture off of KSL, but this is the set that I have wanted for YEARS—like, since Maya was a baby. So I snatched it up. I’m so tickled pink to have it!

Malcolm especially is taken with the new play kitchen. He has spent hours playing with it. At one point her turned on the stove, and Marzi said "hot, hot." He ran over to get something and turned around with an oven mitt on his hand and said "ta-da."    



Minted.com is a website that sells cards, art, stationary, etc. They have these design challenges where one can submit card designs for different categories. Winners receive a cash prize as well as royalties from sales. It was my first time participating, but I had a grand time creating some cards to submit for the Christmas Photo Card Design Challenge. I don't know how long it takes the editors to decide on winners for the many different prize categories, but I assume they won't make announcements any time soon since Christmas is a good ways away.



It was a tight fit in our hotel room (where the babies cried for an hour before going to sleep). It also happened to be one of the busiest weekends in Moab, so it was a high price to pay for a night of little to no sleep.

The kids looking awesome in their new shades.

After breakfast we hiked to Delicate Arch. Maya was a strong, brave soul and walked the entire way. The babies got the sweet treatment with a ride to the top.

The kids loved running around in the sand.

On the drive home we stopped at Goblin Valley. I have never been there before, and I'm so glad we stopped. This was the perfect play place for the kids. Maya had a hayday dreaming up a castle with different nooks and crannies as the different rooms.
And the boy, well, he just liked sliding down small inclines and digging in the dirt.
I think it was a rousing success for a family vacation!


Class Pet and Class Store

For the weekend, Maya got to take home the classroom "pet" (aka a stuffed dog) named Max. She played with him a lot and then wrote in a journal what they did together. This morning I helped her make some little notebooks for her second grade market day. Apparently she sold 8 of the 10 and was very pleased about that. How did this girl get to be so big?


Reading Glasses

Because sometimes everyone just needs to take a turn wearing Opa's reading glasses.
...oh, and snuggle with Oma


Spring Cleaning

Today was a totally awesome, non-heinous, tubular family work day! It was our neighborhood's spring cleaning Saturday, which means that the city provides huge dumpsters at several different locations for the day. John and Maya took 4-5 loads to drop off. Most of it was yard waste, but there were some boxes and other odds and ends too. Now I just need to take a big load of stuff to DI. I should have taken a "before" picture of the side of the house, because it would show just how awesome it looks now. We got rid of some shelves, an old grill, a crib, and a HUGE pile of leaves and branches (you can see the outline of where the pile was on the ground behind me). Now we have another large space for the kids to play and drive on rollie toys. Then we assembled the bike carrier and a little shed for outside toys. Boom! I'm so proud of us. I also got to use the leaf blower--it's my new favorite thing!


While Maya's Away...

...the babies and I play (and take naps and sometimes get dressed for the day).



These blue eyes are so breathtaking!


Sometimes Opa just stops by to give the babies kisses and read them a book. Mars thinks that this is the best thing ever.


Popcorn Picnic

The babies love it when Maya comes home from school. She is so good at playing with them! Today they were out playing on their wheelie toys until Maya came in to ask for a picnic blanket. Then they had a picnic of popcorn (and crackers and apple slices). It was so cute! 
This is the look Maya gives me when she doesn't want me to take pictures of her. Ha!