Sisters in a Box

Boxes are magical, especially big ones. Maya often adopts big boxes and turns them into houses or beds. This one happens to be in the corner of our living room--the perfect place for box playing.


Laser Tag

To celebrate a friend's birthday, we went with a big group of couples to go Laser Tagging. We got a deal that included two games of Laser Tag, tokens for arcade games, and free Dippin' Dots. Sounds awesome, right? That's because it was! P.S. Whatever the strategy or skill is that makes you good at laser tagging, I don't have it. I'm terrible.


Arctic Circle

To change things up a bit with these indoor winter days, we went to Arctic Circle for food and fun.


Annie + Dallin

My mom watched the kids all day while John and I went to his cousin's wedding and luncheon. It was a beautiful sealing and a delicious luncheon. Sherry came to the wedding, and the unbelievable part is that Gary came too! The last time he was in Utah was for our wedding, 11 years ago. It was fun to spend a day with John's extended family!

These Days

These are just captured moments from our life lately.


Book Club

I just love going to book club with these awesome ladies!


Parents and Pastries

I don’t go to Maya’s school functions/performances as often as I would like. It is just a logistical nightmare with the babies at this stage. However, today I packed up the babies and went to Parents and Pastries. I didn’t tell her we were coming just in case it didn’t work out. I had to park over a block away from the school (the parent participation is super high at this school), hike over a snowdrift on the side of the road, set up the stroller, and buckle the babies in. This was all in the driving snow/blizzard. But we made it! Maya was happy to see us. We shared a doughnut, read some books at her desk, and talked a bit. It was good to see my big girl in her classroom!


Snow Day

I bundled the babies up and let them play in the snow while I shoveled the driveway.