John {Hearts} Technology

John is our resident technology expert. He recently got a 60" screen TV that he's been drooling over for years.

 He also recently installed a sound system upstairs. The speakers are above the pantry, so we get crystal clear music in the living room and the kitchen.


Pie Party

A couple of my friends put together a pie party. The pies were delicious and the company was delightful.


Paul Bunyan

Maya got a book about Paul Bunyan for her take home reading. I asked her if she thought Paul Bunyan was a true story. She replied, “No! Because how would they get the baby in the house?” On the next page over, Paul Bunyan was all grown up. She said he looked like he was old enough to get married, and then she started to laugh. Maya stood up and said, “If I was as tall as Paul Bunyan, then his wife would be teeny. He would have to lean over to hold her hand.” Then she walked around in a circle, bending in half, pretending to hold a very small person’s hand. And that’s when she really started laughing. “He would have to get down on his knees to kiss his wife.” And she acted that out too. That's when she lost it. I couldn’t help but laugh along with her amusement. 



Room Updates: Family Room



Room Updates: Other Rooms



AFTER OFFICE (I can't find a BEFORE picture)

Room Updates: The Nursery

Man! This room has been years in the making. We painted it blue shortly after we moved in. Then when we found out we were getting Mars and Mal, we had it painted Agreeable Gray (with a Citrus Punch closet). Then I slowly, oh-so-very-slowly, found curtains, repurposed frames, printed out pictures, and put things up on the wall. The quilt hanging on the rocking chair was made by a friend for Mars. The frame around the world map over the changing table was made by John's dad. I am really happy with how it has turned out!



Room Updates: Maya's Big Girl Room

Over the last several months I have been gathering furniture and decorations for Maya's room. Since she is officially downstairs, and she is officially the big girl in the family, we wanted to make her room more, well, official. We had a friend in the ward come paint the walls going from purple to simply white. I can't find any really good BEFORE pictures, but you kind of get the idea.

BEFORE: The walls were purple, her room was a constant mess, and Mal's pack n' play took up permanent residency in the middle of the floor.

AFTER: I am so pleased with how Maya's room turned out! 


Fly Like an Eagle

I love watching this little girl run. She puts her arms back when she's really serious about going fast.


Family Pictures 2016

We just had our family pictures taken. Yay! The babies were not very good for their individual pictures. They kept crying and walking toward me. Sigh. Malcolm cried the ENTIRE time. I fed the kids a complete meal before we left, and I kept handing them snacks (you may notice granola bars in some of the pics); alas and alack, Mal would not be pacified. It was pretty frustrating. He cried continuously until we were in the parking lot at the end of our session--then he was managing to laugh, smile, and run around. Seriously!?

I can’t believe how much work family pictures are! Deciding on the outfits is tortuous. Finding a date and time that John will happy with is nigh unto impossible (let’s face facts, John will never be happy about family pictures no matter the time or date--but I have to give him credit for showing up and behaving himself). Getting everyone ready and there on time is bordering on miraculous. I literally worked up a sweat getting the kids into their outfits. Maya gets all grumpy, huffy, and stompy when she is righteously indignant (like when I ask her to go get something). After they were all dressed, I blockaded the babies in the living room while I took a last-minute glance at myself in the mirror. I don’t mean to be sacreligious when I say this, but I literally pray A LOT on the day of pictures: let the weather be good, let me time everything right, let the kids (and John) be good, let the photographer be amazing, let my mascara go on well so my eyes will show up in the pictures, etc. It was amazing that we got some pictures where everyone was looking, and appearing, if not exactly happy, at least pleasant. 

Now to order some Christmas cards!


Beautiful Eyes

I took Mal to the opthamologist for a follow-up appointment. The doctor agreed that his right eye was looking much better. The doc said that we should come back in 9 months, but otherwise his vision is developing appropriately in both eyes, and he probably won’t need surgery. Yay! She also said that there wouldn’t be any harm in waiting until he’s 3 or 4 either. Good news! I like that.

My mom came to watch Mars while I took Mal to his appointment. It was such a strange feeling to only have one baby with me.