It has been a year since our last adoption media blitz, so the time has come to spread the word AGAIN!! We are grateful for all of the love and support we’ve had from you in our efforts to adopt, and we ask for your continued assistance on this front. You can help by spreading the word, not just for us specifically, but for adoption as an institution, in general. Whenever you can, try to help educate people about the choice of adoption and its many positive benefits.

We are making this blitz a month-long adoption bonanza: at least once a week I will post something adoption-related on Facebook and our blog. Please watch for it, comment on it (comments make me feel loved!), and pass it along. Our hope is to share our passion and knowledge about adoption with as many people as possible! Watch for adoption information, factoids, and challenges! Look forward to a Q&A with certified adoption caseworkers! Count on fun tips on how to become more informed and involved! Anticipate fancy pants postcards/business cards and snazzy adoption stickers that you can wear or pass along to support us! Can you feel the excitement?! Also, we invite, nay, we plead for questions from you! Answering a specific question is so much better than guessing at what to share.

As always, please tell anybody and everybody you know about US—a personal referral will greatly increase our chances of finding a sibling for Maya. The more people that know about us, the better chance we have of being found by an expectant mother. Copy our information and blog it, link it, write it, text it, tweet it, Facebook it, share it, say it, phone it, pray it…the possibilities are endless. Anything you do would be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to add a personal note about us to let everyone know you think we’re the bee's knees (you do think we’re cool, right?). If you have any questions, let us know! Otherwise go media blitz crazy!

Our Adoption Contact Information:
e-mail: johnandlorablog@gmail.com
or you can go to itsaboutlove.org and search for us by first names (John & Lora)

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