What Were You Doing 30 Years Ago?

My mom just sent me this little snippet from her journal:

From 2 Nov 1986
Lora woke me up to tell me she had gum stuck on her neck. She had gone to sleep with a big wad of gum in her mouth, and it ended up on her nightshirt, her neck, her hair, and the sleeping bag. I hate gum!!!

Ha! I remember that! I had been chewing on several pieces of the Double Bubble bubblegum I had gotten while trick-or-treating. Actually, knowing me, it was probably more than several pieces--c'mon, I was a disgusting, sugar-hungry five-year-old with access to mounds of candy! I must have fallen asleep with the sticky pink glob in my mouth. I'm pretty sure my mom had to trim the gum out of a section of my hair. So gross!

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