John grew up with the Christmas tradition that each member of the family got a new ornament every year to represent something they did/learned/enjoyed. It's a tradition that we're trying to continue with our little family.

 I am so pleased with the 2016 ornaments I got for everyone! John got some metal plated Ginkgo leaves because he planted trees this year. I got a Wilma Flinstone ornament because our Halloween costumes were awesome. Maya got an ornament with some beavers on it and it plays “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth.” Mars got a miniature Goodnight Moon book (that book is one of her favorites), and I am almost finished with Mal’s Pancake Robot ornament (I decided to go with paper rather than felt). 

I also finalized all the ornaments for 2015. I am going to have to stay on my game if I want to make this a tradition every year! John got a miniature pressure cooker to represent his new pressure cooker and his foray into the world of Indian food cooking. I got a tiny Cozy Coupe to represent my new set of wheels. Maya got a panda (the one pictured is just a place holder) because it's her favorite animal right now. Mars got a miniature Mars Rover very aptly named "Curiosity." Mal got a nutcracker with flailing legs, because, if you remember, he used to flail his arms and legs at ALL waking moments.

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